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Delivering Quality and Confidence Throughout the Project Supply Chain

Assurance systems concern the delivery of quality standards that have to comply with laws, regulations or professional practices. In industries where it is critical to meet legal or other requirements, project assurance becomes a precise and essential part of delivery. In regulated industries such as Transportation or Construction, if binding regulations are not met, the result may be severe legal and financial penalties and unfavourable publicity.

The operators of these services must provide assurance that their systems are compliant. In the case of transportation operators in particular, there is the hugely significant dimension of public safety.

The desired outcome of project assurance provision is to ensure compliance for our clients and to prove that this has been achieved through accreditation of the service provider by the commissioning body.

Touchstone Renard has developed a self-assurance solution for all organisations seeking confidence in project-based businesses where there is a supplier-contractor relationship, a safety critical case and a need for working conformity from a group of stakeholders.

Our solution is a management regime that sits above the processes used in the project or working environment, developed to ensure mutual compliance by all participating parties. In the case of construction or infrastructure projects, Touchstone Renard’s solution captures a view of the entire delivery cycle from concept to handover.

In the case of supplier-contractor chains, our management regime standardises the work and quality approach throughout the chain. Under this methodology, the stages at which the required submissions throughout the chain are made follow the requirements of the relevant regulatory framework.

The Touchstone Renard project assurance deliverables are as follows:

  • Corporate Assurance Plan — describing the assurance regime to be committed and maintained.
  • Project Assurance Plan — advice and preparation of sub-project assurance plans which follow from the Corporate Assurance Plan.
  • Project Assurance Facilitation — provision of assurance advice and support to relevant partners and suppliers to a project.
  • Project Assurance Audit & Surveillance — an independent audit and surveillance service to give clients an objective assessment of the reality of an assurance regime.
  • Integrated Assurance Systems — the application of systems thinking and integration to ensure all participants achieve a complete assurance system result.

The benefits that these bring to the project group include the confidence of conformity, a strong working group relationship, reduced intervention and mutually acceptable and agreed surveillance levels.

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