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Going Beyond Traditional Project Management Techniques

Through use of its project strategy techniques, Touchstone Renard can enable clients to:

  • Maximise the likelihood of project success.
  • Mitigate risk.
  • Look at the entire project from a strategic viewpoint.
  • Use communications more effectively for better team and project interaction.

Management strategy looks at the big objectives. For projects the issues are no different.

Touchstone Renard’s Project Strategy solution offers a way forward to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for a complex project. Giving equal emphasis to the “hard" and "soft" (human) management issues, bespoke systems can be designed to incorporate risk mitigation and avoidance.

As part of the process, Partner Communications Mapping is used to lever more efficient interaction and better understanding from the wider project team.

The mapping of real communications channels will identify strengths and weaknesses and provide a basis for performance improvement, identifying dangerous "gaps" in project communications.

Relationship Optimisation is the next step in providing improvement and reorganisation of communications channels and methods.

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