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Terms of Service Agreement

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Touchstone Renard Limited will carry out and complete the project in accordance with the matters set out in the proposal and any other agreed documentation subject to any subsequent variations agreed in writing between Touchstone Renard and the client.

Time and Attention

Touchstone Renard will devote such time, attention and skill to the project as may be appropriate to execute and complete it.

Fees and Expenses

Specific details of fees and expenses to be paid to Touchstone Renard by the client will be agreed in writing between the parties. Our standard terms are for invoicing to take place at the end of a month for the days worked in a month. Unless otherwise stated all charges are subject to VAT and are payable within 30 days of issue of invoice.

Touchstone Renard Consultants

Touchstone Renard will introduce the client to any consultant intending to work on the project and obtain the client's prior approval to the employment of such consultant on the project. The client is not entitled to offer employment to any of Touchstone Renard's staff or consultants for a period of at least 12 months after the completion of the project.


Touchstone Renard will keep confidential and not divulge any confidential information concerning or relating to the client's business affairs and activities without the express authority in writing of the client.


All reports, and other documents, prepared by Touchstone Renard remain the property of Touchstone Renard unless otherwise agreed in writing. The client shall be entitled to use any reports and documents produced by Touchstone Renard only for the specific purposes agreed with Touchstone Renard.


Touchstone Renard will present its reports, recommendations or other findings in good faith and will not be liable to the client for any losses arising or purportedly arising as a result of acting upon Touchstone Renard's recommendations or for any indirect or consequential loss including claims by third parties. If Touchstone Renard makes any forecasts or gives any opinions no warranty is being given as to achievements unless specifically stated in writing. The achievement of any recommended aims will depend on the efforts of the client and the client's staff and other factors.


Any formal communications to Touchstone Renard should be sent to its Woking office and any formal communication to the client should be sent to the client's address set out in the letter of appointment unless the client notifies Touchstone Renard otherwise in writing. Formal communications should be sent by post or fax or be delivered by hand.


The agreement between Touchstone Renard and the client will only be varied if mutually agreed in writing.


Any dispute between the parties shall be referred to a single arbitrator to be appointed jointly or, failing agreement between the parties, by the President of the Institute of Chartered Arbitrators on the application of either party. The arbitrator will have power to settle disputes in his absolute discretion and his determination shall be final except on a point of law.


The agreement between Touchstone Renard and the client shall be governed by English Law.

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