ISO 9001 The International Quality Management Standard

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ISO 9001 is the international management standard that sets a framework for organisations of all types and sizes to design, implement and operate a quality management system. The aim is to ensure that an organisation’s products or services are consistently produced or delivered to meet the customer’s expectations through adherence to established, recognised and audited processes.

The Benefits of ISO 9001

In both the private and public sectors, working to a recognised quality management system and achieving certification to ISO 9001 can produce significant benefits and help an organisation to:

  • Raise customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce complaints.
  • Increase efficiency and avoid lapses through Improved working processes, internally and along the supply chain.
  • Maintain an impressive internal and external reputation.
  • Secure favourable publicity.
  • Create a competitive edge, win more sales and opportunities to bid for work or funding.
  • Refresh the organisation’s culture and make it easier for employees to perform well.

A key benefit of ISO 9001 certification for a private sector business is that it helps the organisation to win more sales opportunities. The business will be more likely to pass through the screening process of any tendering exercise if it is ISO 9001 certified and can assure potential customers that it operates a consistent and recognised quality management system. Without this, the organisation may be less likely to be considered for opportunities.

For public sector bodies, ISO 9001 can help to create a more robust service and align the authority with the private sector. An increasing number of public authorities are achieving ISO 9001 to help with:

  • Benchmarking exercises.
  • Consistency of quality across all service areas.
  • Auditing processes.
  • Applications for funding purposes.
  • Achievement of other awards.
  • Avoidance of serious lapses in procedures.
  • Enhancement of internal and external image.
  • Positioning, in terms of central government initiatives.

ISO 9001 Integrated With Other Standards

ISO 9001 has been produced in a way that is compatible with other standards. Therefore, a range of management systems can be integrated, to increase efficiency, avoid duplication of effort and reduce cost.

These standards include:

Certification can still be achieved to each standard within an integrated system.

How Touchstone Renard Can Help

Touchstone Renard has been supporting a vast range of organisations across the private and public sectors with management systems and certification to standards from the early 1990s. We have developed a long and successful track record in designing and implementing management systems and our aim is to provide a highly flexible service to suit the needs and budgets of our clients.

We can provide the support needed while ensuring that our clients are able to continue dealing with the day to day running of their organisations.

We will appoint a consultant to match the organisation and its marketplace and will agree a fixed cost and time schedule for completing the work by following a proposed programme to suit the organisation’s requirements. Our qualified, experienced, professional consultant will support the organisation throughout the entire process up to ISO 9001 certification - and beyond if agreed. This will usually be divided into a series of clearly defined stages, from the design of the new system, through to certification.

Our consultant will initially hold a meeting to ‘get to know’ the organisation and the way it operates and will then be able to suggest ways in which the management system can be designed to ensure that major benefits are realised.

If a client wishes, our consultant will help maintain a certified quality system going forward. This can include carrying out internal audits, internal training, overseeing management reviews and generally ensuring that the system is up to date, working well and continuing to achieve re-certification.

We can also help an organisation to achieve or maintain a certified quality system integrated with other management systems.

We always aim to avoid any disruption to the day to day working activities of our clients and to develop straight forward procedures and policies that are easily understood and meaningful, tailored to the demands and circumstances of the organisation.

We will work as cost effectively as possible and, of course, ensure that certification is achieved. No assignment is too small or large and every client organisation that engages our service receives a free copy of the relevant standard(s).

Please Contact Touchstone Renard

If you would welcome a discussion or would like to receive information, without any obligation, about ISO 9001 or any other management standard and how a certified management system can support an organisation in achieving its aims, please contact: Phil Austin, Managing Director:

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