Introducing Quality Management

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Perfecting the Business of Quality

Applying quality, performance and efficiency methods in operational processes to ensure they work right first time with continual improvement:

  • Invest in sound quality management: reduce customer complaints, increase customer satisfaction and provide regulatory compliance and assurance for your customers.
  • Build quality products, deliver to acceptable standards.
  • Increase business efficiency: reduce operating costs, eliminate waste and delay, cut inventories and increase profitability.
  • Increase market share: drive demand for your products and services by offering only the best.
  • Build and maintain your competitive advantage.

Total quality applications covers a wide spectrum from:

  • ISO 9000, Investors in People, or
  • Six Sigma ...

... to specialised quality techniques such as:

  • Quality Function Deployment (quality systems design).
  • Cause and Effect analysis.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • And more recently, the culture side of quality.

Consultancy support typically includes the following:

  • Developing quality management strategy frameworks and processes necessary to introduce continuous improvement.
  • Helping to design and produce innovative quality management documentation, monitoring continuous improvement projects and acting as the intermediary to break down 'them and us' attitudes.
  • We often also undertake management, employee, customer and supplier surveys to measure, present attitudes, performance and barriers to continuous improvement.

More About Quality Management Standards

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