Rail, Road, Aviation, Maritime

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Touchstone Renard first provided support and advice to a major metro client in the wake of a fire disaster in 1987 and has made a significant contribution to UK and overseas metro and rail industries ever since as well as providing assistance to the road, aviation and maritime sectors.

In serving these market places, we support clients who supply or operate in those areas by providing practical management solutions for a safety critical environment.

Demonstrating Unique Support to Our Clients ...

Since 1987, Touchstone Renard has become known as a leading international consultancy, consistently demonstrating unique support to clients by:

  • Bringing clarity out of management complexity or uncertainty.
  • Carrying out innovative reviews and studies.
  • Devising and implementing change programmes in partnership with clients.
  • Achieving improvements for clients, their departments, teams and individuals.
  • Defining, managing and delivering 'soft' projects.
  • Identifying and achieving cost savings and benefits for clients.

Delivering a Range of Support Through a Strong Professional Team ...

We offer our clients uncompromising expertise and professionalism with a down to earth, customer-friendly approach. Our consultancy delivers a wide and flexible range of support, provided by a large, strong, structured and experienced team of specialists, each of whom is highly skilled, with a proven track record.

Working in Partnership with our Clients ...

We aim to work in partnership with our clients to produce the right result. Communication is essential in any assignment and, at Touchstone Renard, we always listen to our clients to discover their needs and objectives. The intention is to bring clarity and certainty and provide clients with confidence that the project will be tailored and delivered to meet all their requirements.

Supporting with Diverse Areas of Expertise ...

As part of a programme of work involving a client and, on occasion, a stakeholder, we will provide support in various areas of expertise, including:

  • Mandatory concerns – such as safety, assurance, quality, compliance, standards, sustainability, business continuity and risk management.
  • Performance-driven matters, for example productivity, sourcing, six sigma, lean programmes, balanced scorecard, organisation design and change realisation.

Our people work in a variety of ways: providing advice and facilitation; carrying out reviews or studies; planning programmes; working hands on, delivering and implementing programmes, often as part of the client’s in-house team.

Enabling Clients to Focus on Other Issues ...

When our clients invite us to remove the burden of project implementation and management systems-related maintenance work, they are able to focus on other important issues.

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