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With an effective performance management programme in place, an organisation can:

  • Achieve the standards required to establish competency and licensing requirements in Regulated Industries.
  • Establish a success-focused performance management system.
  • Nurture the best talents and critical staff of an organisation and strengthen the weakest links.

Performance Management is concerned with activities to ensure that goals are consistently being met.

Performance Management can involve organisations, departments, processes or employees, in their achievement of certain objectives.

For employees, performance management has become a new focus where goals and objectives are seen as supporting the mission and goals of the organisation.

Five distinctive stages define the assessment of people performance:

  • Planning and setting expectations.
  • Continually monitoring performance.
  • Developing the capability to perform effectively.
  • Measuring or rating performance against standards.
  • Rewarding excellence.

Touchstone Renard offers a range of methods for achieving good performance that are tailored to the organisation's structures and requirements.

Competency Structures enable the appropriate development of the individual to achieve legal and professional capability in the job.

This is especially critical in industries regulated for Safety such as Health, Transportation, and Energy. Structured Training and Development systems establish and maintain combined competency and licensing arrangements.

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