The Health Sector

Photo of medical stethoscope sitting on top of a paper print out of a medical cardiogram pulse trace. Also a red fountain pen is laid across the cardiogram lower edge

Like so many sectors, Health has undergone radical transformations in recent years creating demand for informed management consultancy services.

Many health trusts are concerned with maintaining clinical excellence, retaining and recruiting top quality staff and developing centres of excellence.

They are often faced with the challenge of changing market forces, especially with the opening up of the UK market to service providers from other European Community members.

Government targets place pressures to perform on these Hospital trusts so that they too must compete for customers and ranking under UK government initiatives.

Maintaining this balance between clinical excellence and a competitive approach is difficult.

Transforming cultural resistance from within into a positive force for change can help such organisations become outstanding service providers in their field.

Like many commercially conscious organisations, concerns such as efficiency, and value for money have forced health care providers to review internal services and look to outsourcing to increase cost effectiveness.

Like other industries where critical operations involve high financial and safety risks, business continuity is also a key concern.

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