Change Management

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Change management realisation enables an organisation to follow a structured path of transition to achieve the realisation of its new future state while allowing its people to adapt to, accept and embrace their new situation.

Communication and training are amongst the key factors in managing and implementing effective strategic, operational, cultural or technological change as part of a change realisation plan, taking account of the risks, problem areas, need for review and fine tuning.

The speed and pace of change has grown greatly over the past years and shows no sign of abating. Recent turmoil due to Covid-19 and in world financial markets suggests that the ‘drivers for change’ will increase. These come in many guises but may be triggered by many factors, for example:

  • Mergers or acquisitions.
  • New competitors changing the paradigms.
  • Customers becoming more discerning.
  • Increasing regulation or changing legal framework.

Touchstone Renard has successfully completed many assignments to assist clients develop and adapt to new approaches, help define strategy and direction and guide clients confidently through organisational change. Processes, structures and people are all part of the equation - delivering a balanced change programme.

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