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All organisations seek to grow while having to keep pace with ever changing circumstances and demands. Successful management of the many facets of business requires skill, knowledge, experience and know-how.

Touchstone Renard partners with clients to provide the support needed, offering effective, sustainable solutions that work, ensuring that day to day operations continue as usual.

Touchstone Renard’s consultants are selected for their ability and 'can do' approach, to provide clients with the management and technical talent required to transform and improve, bringing clarity of purpose and cost effective, flexible solutions. At the same time, knowledge and skills are transferred to clients’ managers and their teams.

Touchstone Renard’s Solution Portfolio

Management Standards

Enabling clients to achieve and maintain management standards and systems. For example:

Risk Management

Providing clients with comprehensive support utilising a range of tools, techniques and methodologies including risk registers; quantified risk assessment; risk management systems and management standards including to ISO 31000:2009.

Project Management

Ensuring clients' projects deliver the commitments made including advice and support with project management systems; training; assurance; diagnosis and turnaround.

Performance Improvement

Providing clients with the benefit of our experience supported by a range of tools including benchmarking; process improvement; excellence model application; 6 Sigma; and productivity improvement.

Options Analysis

Utilising a proven methodology that delivers independent and validated recommendations applied to make or buy; sourcing strategies; and project or other option selection processes.

Change Realisation

Delivering change programmes and supporting and facilitating change, from change readiness assessment through to realising the change required.

Business Intelligence

Encompassing client research based studies; balanced scorecard visualisation; KPI development and confidential investigations.

About Touchstone Renard

Formed in 1987, Touchstone Renard was subsequently acquired in 1997 by Phil Austin, Managing Director. Richard Wood has been HR and Business Services Director since 2007. 

Although Touchstone Renard's initial clients were in the rail and metro sectors, we now provide services to organisations of all types and sizes across the private and public sectors, throughout the UK and overseas.

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