Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence provides clients with internal and external, accurate, focused and timely information and analysis about their organisation and its activities to enable them to:

  • Achieve their strategic objectives.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Produce substantive audit trails.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer and partner relationships and key performance indicators.
  • Obtain insights that provide an accurate view of daily events.

We have supported a wide range of clients across different sectors in carrying out research based studies, reviews, evaluations and investigations.

As part of any assignment or as a stand-alone exercise, we can undertake in-depth interviews and surveys of all types and sizes, including electronic, e-mail, postal, telephone, Skype and face to face.

Snap shots of past assignments include:

  • A review and assessment of six internal functions for a UK regulator, including surveys and interviews, benchmarking, data gathering and analysis. This provided our client with validated information and detailed insight, helping to determine the best way forward, ahead of a possible change programme.
  • An end of project review and identification of lessons learned for a London based local government organisation, relating to a major administrative exercise, including data gathering, interviews, surveys and analysis.
  • A review of internal audit procedures for 14 separate business units within a central government department, including data gathering, surveys and analysis, to deliver performance improvement and increased efficiency.
  • Research and costs analysis exercise for a central government department, including surveys of a range of larger companies, across different sectors, to assess readiness for change, ahead of new regulations which would affect businesses generally.
  • Review of an in-house service for a unitary local authority to provide detailed information, insight and direction in determining the future of the service.

To assist with business intelligence services, we are also able to provide specialist big data analytical support to clients via a business intelligence tool which enables:

  • Data extract from disparate sources.
  • Self-service data modelling.
  • The visualisation of data seamlessly.
  • Map visualisation with 3D attributes.

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