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Day time photo of London financial district skyline and construction cranes

Financial Services is an area where Touchstone Renard has recently built a strong presence. Many of the management issues centre around quality of delivery and customer focused performance.

Rationalisation and outsourcing have been a response to achieving cost savings and performance. Deregulation, mergers and acquisitions have changed the landscape of the industry.

Regulatory compliance is a major focus for Touchstone Renard with quality assurance and risk mitigation solutions frequently addressed in this sector.

With involvement in other regulated "safety critical" industries such as Rail, financial service providers find themselves facing compliance requirements of a different kind.

Competing in the global market is a challenge that faces all financial institutions.

Finding strategies to develop a competitive edge - and sustain this - has been a driving issue for the industry.

Recent spectacular Corporate Governance failures have brought this financial management issue to public attention.

This has highlighted the important role Corporate Governance must play in a modern economy and the consequences of getting it wrong.

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