Corporate Governance

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Installing our proactive system of Governance strengthens compliance and creates processes and values that deliver competitive advantage. Corporate Governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled.

Current thinking recognises a Corporation's obligation to society and that they should execute these obligations through their operational performance, financial reliability, legal and regulatory compliance and safeguarding of Corporate assets.

Providing Proactive Governance strategies from Touchstone Renard, the client can benefit from an audit trail system that will assist in the definition of business objectives and their achievement.

This not only strengthens the process of compliance but also creates processes and values that build competitive advantage.

An integrated management system can be built to provide the architecture for integrating all the elements a business needs for its day to day operation. (see also Integrated Systems) to address Governance reporting.

In all of these areas, senior management is increasingly in the "firing line". They must take a proactive approach to the governance of their organisations.

Anticipation and forward thinking management initiatives can only strengthen the organisation's competitive edge, secure its position and reputation and build in processes that mitigate risk.

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