Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) Review of the Corporate Services Directorate

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A review of the six key support functions within the Corporate Services Directorate, namely: Finance, IT, Commercial, HR, Learning & Development, Strategy & Communications.

The project also included a benchmarking exercise involving other UK and international comparators and regulators.

We explored organisation structures and functions and whether officer roles and skills needed changing or adapting; whether best practice and value for money was being achieved via the processes and systems deployed, compared to industry norms, benchmark metrics and other, similar public-sector organisations; and how far any of the functions should or could be outsourced or retained in-house or delivered differently.

The work included extensive research, data gathering and analysis, thirty in-depth face-to-face interviews with people at senior levels and high-level focus groups with stakeholders, process mapping, organisation structure and skills review, with a critical examination of resourcing, processes, systems and assets.

We set up and managed a benchmarking network for CMA, including Ofgem and the ICO, and used the data obtained in support of our analyses, conclusions and recommendations.

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