Process Design

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Our proven approach to process design captures creativity and practicality as essential inputs to enhancing processes that simplify and improve the organisation:

  • Design and build the most efficient processes to optimise business success.
  • Build in mechanisms for change and improvement.
  • Use processes as a way to drive corporate change objectives and goals. In an ever changing world, many organisations face the problem that they must make their structure (and its inherent processes) meet the present and future needs of the business.

In achieving this, designing the optimum structure (process design) should take into account the range of issues which will influence it: cost constraints, nature of work, volumes, skills availability, management processes, culture, history, external and legislative drivers.

Process Re-engineering (PR) is one of a number of methods available to management to improve the performance of their organisations. It is most effective when the three Cs - Customers, Competition and Change (usually technology driven) create the requirement for a big (radical) improvement in a short space of time.

PR, unlike most other methods is not concerned with questions about how to make existing processes better, faster or cheaper, but with the question 'why do them at all'? The PR focus is on how to do things differently. Successful PR projects can lead to a follow up programme of continuous development.

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