Free Webinar: Building Safety Into Design

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Courtesy of the British Quality Foundation, and webinar presenter / author, Phil Austin from Join us for a 25-minute lunchtime presentation followed by a Q&A session exploring the relationship between long term safety and complex design. Using case studies from the built environment and relevant sectors, from a unique perspective, your webinar explores the following important topics:

  • Design error - How to manage this and ensure changes made do not affect the inherent safety of the design.
  • 'Big Safety' versus 'Little Safety' - what this means, and the implications it can have on the design process.
  • Error and Leadership - the importance of fostering a culture where errors can be identified and vocalised and the impact on the most senior people involved when things go wrong.
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) - does this framework typically applied to the automotive industry have relevance to the built environment and can benefits and insights be gained?
  • ISO standards for 'systems engineering' - do they support built environment projects and if so how can they be used in practice?

Presenter note: Phil Austin, Managing Director of Touchstone Renard. Phil is a respected leader of strategic and operational consultancy projects and has worked on major construction and infrastructure projects including Westfield's (West London) and new railway lines in the Middle East. He has served as a visiting tutor on MBA programmes in project and quality management in a number of UK and International Business Schools and is a serving member at the Court of Brunel University.

If you want to view the webinar at full screen size, after choosing Play, simply click the Youtube 'Full screen' icon at the lower right corner of the Youtube window; click again to return to this page. 


If you have any follow up questions, please send to webinar author and presenter, Phil Austin, or the British Quality Foundation.

In collaboration with the BQF Networking Group: Built Environment. Date: 3 December, 2014. Time 13.00-13.45 UK time.

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