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Organisation Design

Concept image showing seven indvidual hands each holding a piece of a coloured jigsaw puzzle. Each and presents their jigsaw puzzle piece to the centre of the group to all form a circle of contribution

Focuses on developing the best structure to effectively mobilise an organisation's resources to achieve its objectives. Organisational design is about aligning the structure of an organisation and its objectives with the individuals who work to achieve them.

Organisational design can involve top level restructuring or restructuring of particular business units. Most organisations make changes on a regular basis and over time may find that current requirements inadequate.

When these "Step Changes" occur, there can be major effects to the structure of the business. With strategic changes, management will need to have:

  • A clear and unanimous view of strategy.
  • Have communicated their intentions.
  • Hopefully have won commitment from the workforce.
  • The planned strategy should be tested for its match with the needs of the new business situation.
  • And be sustainable.
  • Finally management must consider the skills set needed to match the new business requirements.

Organisational Design looks at alternative structures and arrangements for "best fit" to changing needs.

Resource Planning is undertaken, based on research and analysis to enable the most flexible solutions to address business evolution whilst achieving medium and long term objectives.

Solutions can be devised to incorporate corporate policies and procedures, and training programmes built in to support an Investors in People (see Quality Systems) or similar initiative, all reinforced by their incorporation in the routine operations of the business.

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