London Councils, Evaluation of the TfL Freedom Pass Bulk Renewal Project

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A consultative review of the ‘Freedom Pass’ bulk renewal of passes to 850,000 older and disabled customers across London. London Councils had delivered the renewal project in partnership with a range of other public and private sector stakeholders.

They wished to establish whether the project had been successful overall by achieving its aims, value for money and the satisfaction of local people who had been their customers during the exercise.

In addition, they wished to learn lessons and identify potential improvements for future exercises.

The work involved reviewing the delivery and effectiveness of the exercise through research and data gathering, including via interviews with 220 older and disabled customers, in addition to key stakeholders.

They included commercial, public sector and charitable organisations i.e. Transport for All, Transport for London, ATOC, Age UK, London Libraries, all 32 London Borough Councils, the City of London and commercial suppliers.

We designed a range of questionnaires, to match the roles and interests of the stakeholders and customers. Consultation and survey work was carried out by email, telephone and face to face. We analysed all information gathered and produced interim and final reports, with a Freedom Pass customer case study separately published by London Councils.

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