London Underground ‘Make or Buy’ Reviews

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We delivered 23 ‘Make or Buy’ studies within various departments across London Underground.

In each case the essential purpose was to support, guide and prepare the required ‘make or buy’ reports for the business units under examination.

Our methodology was necessarily validated, transparent, independent, with a clear audit trail of consultation and decision making.

The process covered a review of each area including a review of the present situation, definition and mapping of key processes, likely future demand, finances, HR aspects and risk concluding with a business case recommendation to the LUL Board for approval.

Some examples of the studies we carried out are as follows:

  • Engineering Information Systems.
  • Central Line Rolling Stock Fleet.
  • Technology Services.
  • Jubilee Line Track Maintenance.
  • Jubilee Line Signals Maintenance.
  • Trains Delivery Group.
  • Project Management Service.
  • HR including Facilities Management.
  • First Aid Training.
  • Fleet Maintenance.
  • Station Systems.
  • Communication Systems.

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