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Touchstone Renard offer a broad capability, addressing many aspects of management. We have grouped these together under 7 generic headings to assist you to choose the areas that may best describe your interests or needs:

Management Standards

Enabling clients to achieve and maintain management standards and systems using Touchstone iSO Systems. Examples are:

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Risk Management

Touchstone Renard has the capability to provide clients with comprehensive support utilising a range of tools, techniques and methodologies including:

  • Risk Registers, especially for project or safety application.
  • Quantified Risk Assessment including HAZOPs and fault tree analysis.
  • Bow Tie and similar risk management systems.
  • ISO 31000:2009 Risk management standard application.

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Project Management

Ensuring clients' projects deliver the commitments made including advice and support using a well proven approach including:

  • Bespoke project management systems, including training.
  • Project engineering systems, competence and training programmes.
  • Project delivery training, coaching and mentoring.
  • Project assurance and surveillance using Touchstone Assurance – providing timely client confidence.
  • Project diagnosis and turnaround.
  • Project partner management and facilitation.

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Performance Improvement

Providing clients with the benefit of our experience supported by a range of tools including:

  • Process mapping, analysis and improvement – using our Lean systems approach.
  • Pragmatic Benchmarking – to gain quick-wins not data quick-sand.
  • Applying the Excellence Model to deliver a performance improvement journey.
  • Productivity improvement using approach.
  • Touchstone 6 Sigma pragmatic programme of training, coaching and delivery support.

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Options Analysis

Utilising a proven methodology that delivers independent and validated recommendations. Applications include:

  • 'Make or Buy' decisions.
  • Sourcing strategies.
  • Project options.

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Change Realisation

Delivering change programmes and supporting and facilitating change, from change readiness assessment through to realising the change required. Some examples are:

  • Change readiness assessment and interpretation.
  • Organisation design – sizing and matching.
  • Achievement driven change programme.
  • Communicating, training, coaching and facilitating all change stakeholders.

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Business Intelligence

Encompassing client research based studies; balanced scorecard visualisation; KPI development and confidential investigations:

  • Balanced scorecard development and maintenance.
  • Business performance visualisation.
  • KPI development and delivery effectiveness.
  • Confidential investigations and studies of critical topics.

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