EFQM Excellence Model

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EFQM Excellence Model (EM) Snapshot

EFQM-Excellence Model (EM) provides a generic structure for the many aspects of Total Quality Management.

We have the experience to look, with our clients, at 'enablers' and 'results-orientated' facets of the model and to help performance improvement in all areas.

The model and its underlying principles provide an ideal framework for recommendations and actions. It can also act as a base for developing a shared vocabulary for improvement across an organisation.

If properly aligned with the organisation's strategies, the self-assessment process can provide a meaningful measure of progress towards becoming a 'best in class' organisation.

Managers are assisted to understand the process and its use as part of the organisation's planning process.

Realisation of this can be used as an effective culture change tool where individuals and teams measure the outcomes of their work, understand shortcomings and feel empowered to take actions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their work.

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