Turkish Tax Authority (TTA) EFQM Programme

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The ultimate aim was to achieve substantial time and finance efficiencies; collect a greater percentage of taxes from the local population; and raise tax authority staff morale.

We were asked to lead the programme, in partnership with the trainers from the local division of a partner organisation.

Working in our client’s capital city, our task was to:

  • Set up project teams of employees.
  • Brief team members on the project aims and requirements.
  • Design and deliver training to encourage participation, creativity and enthusiasm for change.
  • Mentor and monitor the teams.
  • Provide advice, direction and support to employees and senior managers.
  • Review output and produce regular update reports to top managers.

We appointed a team of Consultants who each had particular knowledge and experience of the Excellence Model, change management, improvement processes, training and development and relevant IT systems.

We developed the materials and detailed programme, incorporating our partner organisation’s input. Our training style was designed to involve and motivate team members, drawing on their experience and encouraging participation through appropriate activities and discussion.  A team of senior tax authority executives was facilitated separately from the other teams.

The benefits identified as a direct result of the improvement programme included:

  • Over 100 obvious process improvements.
  • Potential time savings of 20 – 30% on a range of processes, resulting in savings of 40,000 working days per year.
  • The ability to collect an additional 16 million Euros in taxes per tax year initially.

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