East Sussex County Council (ESCC) Review of Highways Maintenance and Development

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A review of ESCC’s Contract Management Group (CMG), which worked to monitor a major highways maintenance and development JV contractor, whose customer was ESCC. We assessed CMG’s effectiveness and fitness for purpose after the first year of the contract.

The teams within CMG that we reviewed were:

  • Contract & Commercial – responsible for setting and managing contractual requirements.
  • Asset Management – responsible for capturing information, maintaining and managing all assets and implementing an asset management system.
  • Performance & Compliance – responsible for monitoring the performance of the JV and its compliance with the overall JV contract.
  • Service Development – responsible for developing and enhancing the overall service to meet future needs, e.g. footways and carriageways; TROs; enforcement; and the division of responsibilities between ESCC’s in-house team and the JV contractor.

We assessed systems, policies, processes, finances, people, skills, resources, structure, to ensure delivery to customer requirements.

We made detailed recommendations regarding: options for remodelling of CMG; process and system improvements; delivery of services and relationships with contractors, partners; application of the asset management standard ISO 45001; CMG’s people; roles; responsibilities; recruitment and retention; processes; financial issues; risk; the position of CMG as part of ESCC and customer service for the public.

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