Derbyshire County Council Audit of Apprenticeship Subcontractor Provision

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Two annual compliance audits, under the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Scheme for Derbyshire Council’s Adult Community Education Service (DACES).

For each, our audit covered compliance with funding rules regarding arrangements, systems and controls to manage delivery of DACES’s subcontractors for apprenticeships.

We studied funding scheme rules, prepared a project plan, methodology and risk register. We specified the evidence needed to review and assess whether funding rules had been understood and correct procedures followed by DACES. We evaluated performance and advised on areas for improvement.

The ESFA rules required auditors to produce a report reflecting the provider’s end to end subcontracting processes and details of processes specified in their contracts with subcontractors, so it was important to examine relevant contracts, processes specified and evidence that they had actually followed for audit and compliance purposes.

We examined documentation, discussed and advised on gaps and process improvements. For both years, we submitted our report and the necessary certificates of compliance.

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