Corporate and Social Responsibility

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Identify, understand and manage social impact and responsibilities. Corporate and Social responsibility means" doing the right thing and doing things right".

It is corporate citizenship, involving companies taking into account their complete impact on the communities and environments within which they operate.

Leading Corporate Brands are built upon reputation and good reputation is built upon tapping into social change.

Having an effective Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is central to business strategy as it influences supplier policy and conduct, environmental policy and general business behaviour.

People look to the business community to lead in the issues of human rights, economic development, ethical trading, safety, security, health, community impacts and a well protected environment.

Touchstone Renard has assisted its clients to identify, understand and manage social impacts and responsibilities by focusing on the social, financial and environmental success of a company.

By integrating policy into a successful corporate strategy using social impact assessment, audit and verification, strategy and management systems, stakeholder engagement, corporate communications and reporting, a high level system and supporting processes are created to assist in the delivery of business objectives.

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