Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) OFGEM RHI Tariff Guarantees: Independent audit reports

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CCC was developing three renewable heating projects in order to make a substantial contribution to decarbonising a village community and two local schools, and was applying to OFGEM for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Tariff Guarantees for each project.

In line with the requirements of the RHI Tariff Guarantee Stage 2 application process, the Council needed to procure independent audit reports verifying ‘financial close’ on each of the projects, signed by an independent and suitably qualified auditor and presented in compliance with the ISAE 3000 standard for providing ‘limited assurance’.

A significant challenge was that, for one of the projects, the rules set by the regulator OFGEM required the audit report to be submitted within two weeks of our contract beginning.

To meet the deadline, we agreed a day-by-day programme with the client which enabled us to have very quick access to information and documentation and same day responses to our questions.

We also carried out weekend working to deliver the report on time. The deadline was successfully met and RHI funding has now been received for this project.

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