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Touchstone Renard's Flexible and Cost Effective Support Service

The task of introducing a new management system to a recognised standard is a busy and exciting time for any organisation as the new processes start operating as part of every day working life, contributing to the creation of an invigorating internal culture.

Once certification has been achieved, there is always much for the organisation and its people to celebrate. However, as everyone knows, that is really only the beginning of the story as the new system needs to be monitored, maintained and updated and re-certification achieved on a regular basis or the many benefits of creating and operating a successful system will diminish with time.

If your organisation has already implemented one or more management systems or an integrated system to recognised management standards, such as ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 45001 (health & safety management) or ISO 27001 (information management), and has achieved certification, you will wish to maintain and update the processes that have been designed to suit your needs and continue to obtain re-certification.

If the time for re-certification is approaching for your organisation or you are experiencing concerns about maintaining your processes, you may need professional advice and support to ensure that your management system is operating effectively.

The effort and work involved in maintain a management system is well worth it to enable the organisation to keep realising the considerable benefits of certification to a recognised management standard. In terms of the time and cost, there is no need to worry as Touchstone Renard is on hand to help!

How Touchstone Renard Can Help to Maintain Management Systems

Touchstone Renard has been supporting a wide range of organisations with the design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of management systems to recognised standards since the early 1990s.

Our qualified, experienced, professional consultants are able to offer a highly flexible systems maintenance service to suit the needs and budgets of organisations of any type of size.

These are some of the ways in which Touchstone Renard will support your organisation to maintain and update its management systems:

  • We can provide a consultant to work with your people on an ad hoc or regular basis to monitor and maintain any management system, deal with any difficulties and implement modifications that may be required, arising out of changing requirements or circumstances. These may become necessary, for example, when a standard or legislation is amended or when there an organisation carries out an internal restructure or changes to the way it works.
  • Prior to re-certification to any recognised management standard, we can provide you with the services of a trained internal auditor to assess your management system, carry out a gap analysis (comparing your system with the requirements of the standard) and advise you on any issues affecting your processes.
  • If the documentation for your management system requires amendment or updating or it is causing any concern, our consultant will carry out an objective review and make any relevant revisions.
  • We can facilitate the process of appointing an independent, UKAS accredited assessor, prior to your organisation’s re-certification. We will liaise with your selected assessor, on your behalf, and assist with the process to ensure that your organisation successfully achieves re-certification.
  • We can help with the transition process when management standards are amended or re-issued, ensuring that your organisation continues to obtain certification.
  • We can design and deliver training programmes of any length for your people to suit the needs of your organisation, including:
    • Short programmes for one or more people to develop their knowledge and skills and enable them to act as internal auditors of your management systems in the future.
    • Short programmes about amendments to management standards that require adjustments to be made to your processes. For example, BS OHSAS 18001 is being replaced by ISO 45001 and it is likely that adjustments will be required to existing occupational health & safety management systems to comply with the new international standard.
    • Introductory workshops for new employees or others about the content, purpose and benefits of standards and the way in which the relevant processes work as part of an organisation’s daily activities.
  • If your organisation has achieved certification to one standard and is considering introducing another system to a second standard, it is often possible to integrate the two systems to reduce duplication of effort and cost and increase effectiveness. We will advise and support you with this and, if you wish, design and implement your integrated system.

The Benefits of Touchstone Renard’s Standards Maintenance Service

By calling us to support your organisation on an ad hoc basis or by commissioning us to support your organisation on a regular basis, one or more days per month, every few months or even annually, we will be able to maintain your management system and provide a speedy response to any concerns or difficulties that you may have about your processes or re-certification.

The cost effective service that we provide, with a consultant ‘on tap’, saves our clients the cost of employing a person in-house. We offer a totally flexible service that can be requested or changed at short notice simply by calling or e-mailing us. We will respond to your needs as quickly as possible.

The aim of our consultants is to avoid any disruption to your organisation so that your people have the time and space to carry out their day to day activities and the efficient operation of the business without distraction.

If your external assessment is due, prior to re-certification, or you would welcome any support or advice on your organisation’s internal management processes, please call or e-mail us at Touchstone Renard and we will take care of your requirements in whatever way suits you best.

We have been working with a client organisation in the Home Counties to maintain its management system for over a year. Our consultant is a highly experienced and professional expert who met our client’s manager and was approved by him before starting work.

Our consultant visits our client organisation and works alongside its people on a regular basis and also works remotely to update and maintain the management system. The number of days that are worked each month is entirely flexible, depending on the needs and availability of the organisation, its managers and people. It could be anything from half a day to three or four days per month. Our client’s manager liaises with us and our consultant, as necessary, and has full flexibility in deciding how much or little support work is provided each month.

Phil Austin, Managing Director at Touchstone Renard, is a qualified standards auditor himself and oversees the work by liaising with our client’s manager and our consultant as necessary to ensure complete satisfaction.

The support provided by our consultant includes:

  • Updating the risk assessment register.
  • Creating a user-friendly procedures manual for internal people.
  • Delivering short in-house training sessions.
  • Preparing a fire safety action plan.
  • Maintaining a range of databases.
  • Making assessments for working at heights.
  • Refining policies and procedures.
  • Producing new and revised documentation.

This particular client is based in the engineering manufacturing sector but we carry out similar services for clients in a wide range of other sectors.

One of our social services clients calls one of our principal public sector consultants in, once or twice a year, to update documentation in support of business continuing management system.

A further client organisation relies on one of our experienced senior consultants to carry out an internal audit, prior to re-certification of a quality management system. Our consultant quickly assesses every procedure and makes any necessary adjustments to documentation and the way that work is carried out, enabling our client to continue successfully with ISO certification.

Our clients do not bear the cost of unexpected fees and charges. Client organisations are invoiced for the precise number of hours worked by our consultants, as agreed in advance, with no additional charges being made for Phil Austin’s time or Touchstone Renard’s internal administrative support.

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