Engineering and Manufacturing

Photo of a young male industrial control room engineer with a red hard hat writing readings from a wall-mounted control panel display

Many Touchstone Renard consultants are trained engineers in industries as diverse as:

  • Manufacturing (light and heavy).
  • Construction.
  • Petrochemical.
  • Aviation.
  • Rail.
  • Marine.

As experienced senior managers, Touchstone Renard have successfully transferred many of the lessons learned across sectors, bringing a fresh view to old problems.

Industry trends reflect a decline in traditional areas such as building and manufacturing.

The number of graduates in the last decade across many engineering disciplines has also declined in traditional engineering.

Defection of engineering graduates to more attractive high tech engineering sectors such as Telecoms, has led to a growing skills shortage.

Increasingly, our consultants are called in to bridge the skills gap in these traditional markets.

Touchstone Renard have worked for a number of engineering organisations delivering management solutions as diverse as quality assurance, project strategy and management, competency and other HR related work, culture change, performance improvement, maintenance, organisational and process design.

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