Crawley Borough Council (CBC) Housing Department

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CBC’s Housing Department had responsibility for ensuring the effective management of 8,500 homes, occupied by its tenants.

The Mechanical & Electrical (M & E) Unit was responsible for the safety, maintenance and replacement of heating systems and electrical installations throughout the housing stock.

To comply with legislation requiring domestic gas boilers in rented properties to be inspected annually and conform to standards, the need arose to evaluate the workload, working practices, efficiency and effectiveness of the M&E team.

We were requested to ensure that there were robust procedures in place for managing gas servicing and repairs work that fully complied with legislative and safety and other requirements.

We also supported the proposed transition to a new gas servicing partner who would be carrying out the work of servicing and repairs in accordance with the new.

We later implemented our own recommendations, were pleased when the local authority commissioned us to carry out all our recommendations, (with our lead consultant acting in a management capacity) and provided on-going support for a year.

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