B & K Passmore (BKP) Tendering System

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B & K Passmore was a long established business, specialising in home adaptations, such as bathroom conversions, for less able and disabled customers, assisting them to achieve and maintain more independent living standards.

The company was a significant provider of services to major residential landlords and therefore had participated in competitive tendering exercises to win sales.

We provided support on delivering a more effective system to increase the likelihood of success in competitive tendering.

We were particularly asked to tailor the tender machine for public sector landlords or housing associations.  A programme of work and support was agreed for us to:

  • Review all relevant documentation relating to typical pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ), invitations to tender (ITT) and customer policies and objectives.
  • Review past responses to PQQ and ITT exercises.
  • Review existing documented client policies and procedures.
  • Interview and discuss details with client personnel who would normally assemble the responses and those who would manage and deliver the relevant services.
  • Design and update our client’s relevant policies and procedures, including quality management, customer care, health & safety, equality & diversity and information security.
  • Develop a comprehensive set of standard qualitative and other PQQ and ITT responses, based on our client’s track record, expertise, personnel, policies, procedures etc.
  • Assemble all draft tender machine documentation and review with our client.
  • Launch the new tender machine by preparing, with our client, a full draft tender response and supporting documentation for a current tendering exercise.
  • Carry out awareness training and discussions, including presentational tips, prior to ITT interviews.

Our work was delivered in collaboration with the Managing Director and employees at BKP.

One of the most significant benefits of the system was that BKP data for tendering exercises was made readily available, enabling them to tender for work more effectively.

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