Freightliner Maintenance Depot Productivity Review

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A review at a key depot to evaluate working procedures and processes and to measure performance levels.

We used our own maintenance assessment method, to identify opportunities to improve productivity and reduce costs and to achieve greater efficiencies.

It is a structured, systematic methodology helping organisations of any size or type to enable productivity improvements to be identified and implemented.

Strengths and weaknesses in current activities were identified and fully detailed action plans were provided to improve productivity and reduce costs and / or enable particular problems to be addressed.

We conducted a health check of all aspects of our client’s depot and workshop operations under 14 key headings, focusing on the three strands of productivity, namely Utilisation, Methods and Performance.

This was a phased programme, consisting primarily of process and method improvement, aligned to staff capabilities, the introduction of a new computer system and revised reporting procedures, was proposed, together with new systems for performance measurement.

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