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Supporting Energy Management

Touchstone Renard first advised a range of clients on energy management in the 1990s, years before concerns associated with climate change and carbon dioxide emissions were as widely recognised as they are today.

We have a track record in helping clients to recognise and identify the potential for managing and reducing energy consumption as a business opportunity, enabling them to introduce revised management systems, alternative equipment and technology to transform the culture of their organisations and achieve substantial savings and other significant benefits.

In each of the following past energy management assignments, we were able to identify ways to offer our clients considerable savings on energy consumption, far exceeding the cost of our fees:

An Energy Management Assignment for a London Metro Client

We were commissioned to develop a full energy management campaign, involving new technology, management information systems and a culture change programme. The assignment resulted in annual savings for our client in excess of £5 million which made the consultancy fee involved appear insignificant.

An Energy Management Assignment for a Leading National Chain of Supermarkets

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We carried out an assessment of energy consumption at a wide range of supermarket sites over a two year period. In each case, we made recommendations for saving energy, in addition to a programme of tests.

Our client implemented our recommendations and achieved considerable savings through the more efficient use of energy. This also led to design improvements in the standard store layout.

An Energy Management Assignment for a Leading National Chain of Shoe Retailers

We carried out an energy management study for our client and recommended a significant savings programme.

An Energy Management Assignment for a National Chain of Petrol Stations

Following work by Touchstone Renard to introduce a programme of energy management, we carried out client training to develop and implement best practice and implement energy monitoring and targeting against client objectives.

Our client achieved the targeted savings per petrol station site in accordance with our predictions.

Energy Efficiency as Part of an Environmental Management System (EMS)

In the past, businesses tended to focus on Energy Management as a way to achieve cost savings. More recently, Energy Management has become part of a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS), conferring a range of commercial benefits but also viewed by many organisations as an end in its own right.

If you would like to have a general discussion about the possibility of achieving savings and increasing sales for your organisation by improving the efficiency of your business, please contact Phil Austin:

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