Westfield London Project Assurance Programme

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Major project assurance programme in connection with a large development project including infrastructure, a major shopping centre, rail and underground stations.

The Westfield scheme involved the development of a 43 acre brown field site, incorporating re-construction of two metro underground stations, including a 16 track underground sidings and the construction of a new metro station.

There was also some interface with an overground line and the development as a whole included a shopping mall, office and entertainment complex.

As the works were taking place on, above, or near railway lines, interfacing with overground and underground rail lines, Westfield needed specialist support to comply with a vast number of rail safety regulations.

Our main task was to ensure that the construction works complied with the relevant legal and other regulations, standards and codes of practice that apply to this type of development, through preparation of project assurance plans and submissions to the other relevant stakeholders on the scheme who needed to be certain that Westfield had achieved compliance for safety and other reasons.

We were also appointed by the architects for the scheme to assist them with compliance and assurance issues relating to two metro stations that were being relocated. This also involved receiving assurance plans from sub-contractors and ensuring that all the architects’ obligations were fully met. 

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