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Customised strategic marketing client programmes explore, investigate and determine effective ways to:

  • Develop and execute entrepreneurial marketing strategies.
  • Tackle new markets and entry to market.
  • Develop competitive edge with flair.
  • Win business.

These are the perennial issues facing marketing leaders. Using a mix of proven techniques, Touchstone Renard has devised dynamic and effective marketing plans and implementation systems.

The strategies and tactics are underpinned by sophisticated market research, intelligence gathering and analysis.

A complete set of marketing issues are addressed including strategy, market entry reviews, research, brand audit, new product development, competitor analysis, customer satisfaction surveys and international business management.

Winning business and tackling the special area of Government tendering is also covered.

In these methods and tools is the means to achieve competitiveness and profitability.

Understanding the business and creating effective marketing initiatives leads to a winning culture.

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