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Media, Broadcasting, Communications

A sector undergoing significant changes, without doubt effective consultancy in Media and broadcasting calls for a broad range of management skills and experience. Together with our strategic partners in this sector within the Middle East, our collaborative strengths can be summarised as follows:

  • Global broadcasting experience, particularly relating to very significant performance transformation and operational improvement.
  • Well proven performance transformation methodologies.
  • Significant change management experience, including implementation of PFI and PPP programmes.
  • Fresh and innovative thinking in the realm of international broadcasting and media.
  • Pragmatic solutions to enable client value-for-money operations.
  • Highly satisfied clients across a number of global broadcasting companies.

More details on our range of capabilities

  • Broadcasting performance transformation using our bespoke RIC triangle.
  • Improve mobile news reporting or current affairs team performance.
  • Optimising schedule programming to arrive at a value for money result using ‘prime-time’ and other ‘strips’.
  • Fast track establishment of new broadcasting activities in integrated disciplines.
  • Enable expansion of broadcasting services through international carriers and / or distributors (satellite or cables).
  • Organisation development as a platform for performance transformation.
  • Procurement strategy examining outsourcing, working from home etc.
  • Business Unit reviews delivered using a well proven, robust and validated method.
  • Identifying new broadcasting products and maximising marketplace and supply chain opportunities.
  • Develop and implement SIC methodology based on WBSR (Weekly Business Status Reports).
  • Implement Six sigma improvement training and consulting programmes.
  • Developing policies, procedures and work instructions covering all broadcasting areas.
  • Project assurance - how to be sure that a project will deliver what is planned.
  • Defining IT strategic and master plans to achieve the organisation vision and goals.
  • Market review of alternative software / hardware solutions based on RFI/RFP.