Local Authority Investigations

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How We Can Support Local Authorities and Their Partners

Investigations for Local Authority Monitoring Officers into Complaints and Allegations

In many cases it is not appropriate for Monitoring Officers or their colleagues to investigate complaints and allegations against their own authority’s councillors or they do not have the time or available in-house resources.

Touchstone Renard’s experienced Local Government investigators provide help and support on a flexible basis to meet the requirements of Monitoring Officers in a range of ways, including:

  • Determining the scope of an investigation.
  • Planning an investigation.
  • Compiling the documentary evidence.
  • Conducting interviews.
  • Preparing reports.
  • Assembling evidence.
  • Attending hearings and other meetings.

Our investigators have carried out numerous independent investigations and are familiar with the Code of conduct and guidance previously issued by the Standards Board. They also appreciate the implications for investigations of the Localism Act. Each investigator is strong on integrity and personally ensures that investigations are carried out professionally and tactfully.

We know that local authorities have to work to tight deadlines and budgets and we will therefore provide support at very reasonable hourly fees or fixed rates.

Please contact Richard Wood on the number or e-mail address shown below to discuss any help or support that you might need.

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