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Central Government Support In The UK And Overseas

Central Government is a significant sector, with its own unique set of challenges and objectives.

We have delivered a wide range of assignments for a variety of UK and overseas departments and other central government bodies, including regulators, agencies and arm’s length organisations, supporting many important changes. We are therefore able to offer a special understanding of the protocol, dynamics and culture of central government.

Our assignments have included data gathering, benchmarking, analyses, surveys, interviews and training programmes, providing business intelligence to clients and advising on strategic and operational direction, taking into account the many relevant dimensions involved.

Our Assignments Have Assisted With:

  • Asset and facilities management.
  • Process re-engineering, performance and service delivery improvement.
  • Options analysis, leading to outsourcing (make or buy), upscaling, down-scaling, shared services, organisational restructuring.
  • Internal and external marketing programmes.
  • Costs analysis, savings and efficiencies.
  • The provision of evidence and data analysis prior to the introduction of legislation.
  • Readiness for change and implementation of change programmes.
  • Quality and safety assurance.
  • Project management and assurance.
  • Risk management.
  • Training and development.
  • Corporate governance.

Selected Snapshots Of Past Assignments Include:

  • A review and assessment of six internal functions for a UK regulator, including surveys and interviews, benchmarking, data gathering and analysis. This provided our client with validated information and detailed insight, helping to determine the best way forward, ahead of a possible change programme.
  • A review of internal audit procedures for 14 separate business units within a central government department, including data gathering, surveys and analysis, to deliver performance improvement and increased efficiency.
  • Research and costs analysis exercise for a central government department, including surveys of a range of larger companies, across different sectors, to assess readiness for change, ahead of new regulations which would affect businesses generally.
  • Managing and working on a wide range of engineering and other service reviews, options analysis, process re-engineering, staff restructuring, project and quality management, change management and safety assurance programmes for different government owned transport organisations, in the UK and overseas, throughout a period of several years.
  • Investigating the financial governance, management and operational policies and procedures of an overseas transport operator, on behalf of a European government body.
  • A process re-engineering and training programme for 500 members of staff within an overseas tax authority to deliver increased efficiency and cost savings.

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